Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft
The New Synchrotron Radiation Source at DESY

The New Synchrotron Radiation Source at DESY

Project description

PETRA III is the new high-brilliance synchrotron radiation source on the DESY site in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. For a total investment of 225 million €, shared by the German Federal Government (90%) and the City of Hamburg (10%), the storage ring PETRA has been converted into one of the most brilliant x-ray sources worldwide. After starting the conceptual design in 2002 and the final approval of the project in May 2005, the reconstruction of the storage ring started on July 2, 2007. After less than two years the first positron beam was stored in the machine on April 13th 2009. On July 17th 2009 the first monochromatic X-rays were observed in beamline P09. After one year of commissioning PETRA III has commenced user operation in August 2010 for the first three beamlines.
The image on the left gives an impression of the interior of the new hall. The last hutch of the 14 beamlines with a total number of 30 experimental stations was completed in August 2010.

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With the end of 2010 the PETRA III project phase ended PETRA is now fully operational. Therefore this web-page is not updated anymore. Please visit the HASYLAB homepage for up-to-date information.

Dec. 22, 2010
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Breaking the 100 nm barrier
The hard x-ray scanning microscope at beamline P06 of PETRA III reaches a resolution well below 100 nm. A team of scientists from KIT, University of Gent, TU-Dresden and DESY achieved first exciting results before the winter shutdown. After the first month of commissioning, the hard x-ray nano ...


Dec. 14, 2010
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Year-end rally at PETRA III

With the end of 2010 the end of the PETRA III project is approaching on the horizon. As now all undulators and most optics componets have been installed, early this week for the first time twelve beamlines worked simultaneously. The remaining two have already seen first light in the ...


Dec. 09, 2010
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Last beamline equipped with an undulator

In a ultra short service break last week the last beamline, P13, was equipped with a PETRA III standard undulator. The device was installed on Wednesday morning after a tricky flight through the crowded experimental hall. In only one day the installation was completed and on Thursday ...


Nov. 07, 2010
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PETRA III runs with a beam current of 100 mA (Nov. 2010)
Last week, PETRA III was running with a positron beam current of 100 milliamperes (mA) during user operation for the first time. With this, the brilliant synchrotron radiation source has reached the final stage of its design values. A total of 240 positron bunches, combined to groups of four, ...


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"Storage Ring"

Storage ring/Speicherring

The reinstallation of components in the "old" tunnel is in full progress. For example, here you can see two damping wigglers. Damping wigglers are used in storage rings to reduce (i.e. damp) the transverse size of the stored electron beam.



Double crystal monochromators are used to filter the synchrotron radiation from the undulators for the subsequent experiments. A prototype device for PETRA III is currently being tested at beamline ID6 of the ESRF (Grenoble, France).



This picture shows the PETRA III experimental hall's facade and the connecting bridge to building 25f on September 20, 2008.

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